Sinderesi's Pick Up Journal

A man with an erection that does need a suggestion

In ancient italian Sinderesi is the natural ability of human beings to distinguish between good and bad. I recognise that while exloring new territory the Sinderesi is what should guide us, where others suggestion fall short.

This is my Pick up blog. I have other blogs around the net, but this is devouted solely to follow my progress in the art of picking up femmes.

If you are coming from the fast seduction discussion forum, you probably want to check out the list of
Meaningful Entries I wrote. Devoided of the chit chat, should be considered as aprt of this journal.

Something about me:
I am 36. Taoist. I was born in Italy, and right now I live in Germany. Nation of which I don't speak the language. I use to try to pick up girls from when I had hormones in my body. Eventually I lost interest when I realised I was not closing with nearly any of them. My believe started to limit myself to the point that I started believing that sex was basically something that just happened to other people. And there was no way that I could have had a girlfriend.

Current Mission
Looking everybody in the eyes without looking away.

Tipping in, after opening.

Journal parts:
different type of entries I plan to write.

Books: Books I found that speak about the Game, or that have helped me in developping mine
Online Resources: Links to online resources, and my take on them.
Field Reports: I shall try to write a field report a day. Even if just about one event that has happened. I really would invite other players to share their intuitions, and where could I have done better.
Memories: Here I plan to remember old stories from my personal history and dissect what exactly have gone wrong.
This Blog: Meta entries aimed at discussing changes that would affect the whole blog.
Intuitions: If my work reaches the point of generating new ideas, I whould write about it here.

And, if you are a woman...
please, don't feel offended:
I know that none of those techniques would work on you.
I just do it on the others